Innocententre: Fashion Station for Introverts

October 11, 2017


If you are an introvert, you are in good company. You belong to a group of individuals who are masters of nonverbal commendation. Like extroverts who enjoy being in the limelight, you derive subtle enjoyment in cozy comfort and being alone. If you hate people who wear loud and fashionable clothes and accessories to tell the world how stylish they are, you have arrived at the right place. We are Innocententre, a one-stop shop that is dedicated to fulfilling fashion related requirements of introverts.


You would rather spend your time alone at home reading a book or watching a movie than dancing at a raging party. It’s cool to be a style introvert. We understand that you do not crave for attention. You like to be comfortable in what you are wearing and want to convey the message about your nature at the same time. We have a team of very creative designers who are themselves shy. They understand your needs and requirements in terms of fashion. We are sure you will enjoy buying jewelry and fashion accessories specially created for introverts like you from our website.

1.     Beads Bracelet 3 Balls

Beads bracelet 3 balls


This is a beautiful bracelet made of zirconia beads. The highlight of this bracelet is 3 beautiful metallic balls inserted at the center. It is available in 4 stunning colors namely silver, gold, rose gold, and black. You can convey a lot about your style and nature by simply donning these bracelets at a party or function with friends. Though available in a single size, you can easily adjust the bracelet to fit your wrists using the strings at the back. This bracelet is priced at just $29.00.

Beads bracelet 3 balls

2.     Cross Necklace

Cross Necklace

Are you a devout Christian by heart? If yes, then this wonderful cross necklace is all you need to sparkle at a party. You can also announce your style in a very subtle manner. It is made up of zirconia beads stuck in a stainless steel frame. This waterproof cross necklace is available in 4 striking colors (gold, silver, black, and rose gold). You can buy this mesmerizing necklace for just $27.80.

Cross Necklace

3.     Star Silver Earrings

 Star Silver Earrings


Do you hate gaudy and large earrings dangling in the ears of your friends? Here is a beautiful set of earrings for you to look beautiful and charming without being loud and vulgar.  Made of zirconia crystals set on a stainless steel frame, these star earrings will surely set you apart from your friends at a party. They are available in three colors namely silver, gold, and rose gold. These earrings are 100% waterproof so you can enjoy them without any worries at the beach or a pool party. They are available for just $19.00.


 Star Silver Earrings


These are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg as far as fashion accessories for the introvert are concerned. You will find an amazing variety of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and much more on at prices that will pleasantly surprise you. Life is all about style and we care for your style.






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